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Our Story

“He built his bakery and business around quality and authenticity.”

Our founder, Rich Labriola, came from a culinary family. Working in his parent’s pizza restaurant, Rich received the foundation and inspiration for his Baking career. Going on to Study with masters from French, Italian and German methods of bread making, he gleaned what he needed from each to create his own unique style.

In 1993 Rich started Labriola Baking Company, with a passion for his craft and for the products he made, delivering door to door from the back of his car.

He built his bakery and business around quality and authenticity, taking extra time and using old world techniques every step of the way to create the perfect Artisan Breads. Starters that were unique to each bread were made and tended, using only the finest natural ingredients.

The breads were baked in imported ovens created specifically for each style of bread. Since those humble beginnings, Labriola Baking has grown to be recognized as the standard of excellence in the Artisan Breads sold in the Chicago area.

Over the years that standard of excellence has grown to include our ground breaking offerings in the Pretzel Bread category with distribution of our famous Pretzel Bread now reaching national and international customers.

To continue that expansion, in 2013 Labriola Baking Company was acquired by Plaza Belmont Holdings, LLC, a Kansas City based private equity firm, along with a group of investors.

“The rationale for the sale was to create a partnership that not only brings additional financial resources to support the growth of Labriola Baking Company, but extensive industry expertise as well,” said Rich Labriola.

This new ownership team was formed to take Labriola Baking Company to new heights, and is focused on developing a unique and value added food company, continuing Rich’s vision and passion for creating the finest breads in the nation.

Labriola Baking Company produces a full line of frozen Artisan and Pretzel breads for a variety of consumers, in both the retail and food service channels. Labriola Baking Company continues to focus on creating and improving our bread, with one clear goal: “To Make Great Bread for Great Customers.”

Come join us in your quest for the finest culinary experience, and see what Labriola Baking Company can bring to your table. As we always say.... “Every great meal starts with great bread!”

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